What exactly is Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray will be the frequent name for aerosol aerosols which has Oleoresin Capsicum. It can be also known as OC apply, have apply, or Mace vs Pepper Spray.

There are numerous heartbreaking accounts of individuals who have bear the impact of a brutal attack. The luckier ones that survived these criminal acts are likely changed for life. There remains, long after the occurrence has passed, a deadening misfortune of trust, a cautious doubt of strangers, and a careful reticence about the outside world. In short, they escaped with their lives, however they remain frightful of everything. Would finding the best pepper spray


Individuals who have never endured a life-changing attack might fear the likelihood that a friend, family member or that they themselves will become a victim.

It’s scary too that we can’t generally depend on support from an the overburdened police. Law officers aren’t prepared to react to each call, regardless of how serious, and regularly when they are called it’s past the point of no return for them to do significantly more than evaluate the scene and call an ambulance.

There were in excess of 1,408,337 violent crimes in 2007. The detail from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program paint a disturbing picture of the world we live in today:

  • A homicide happens every 31 minutes (46 per day!)
  • A rape happens every 5.8 minutes (248 per day!)
  • A burglary transpires every 1.2 minutes (1200 per day!)

The solution is self-preservation. Most people, men and women, are not trained to defend against an assault. Therefore, to level the playing filed some sort of weapon may provide the life saving deterrence when attacked.

A gun is a definitive equalizer, and many people fail to consider that a firearm is not the only deterrent. Individuals that are untrained and unfamiliar with the proper operation of a handgun may think they can simply pull out the handgun and fire away. Handguns absolutely require special training for your own safety, and you should only consider carrying if you take the time to receive the proper licensing and instruction.

The more immediate solution is finding the best pepper spray. Training and practice is much simpler than that of a firearm. Although, you should not wait for the assault to become familiar with your pepper spray gun. Look for classes offered in your community, and practice using it.


There are several states where pepper spray is restricted. For example, in the state of New York pepper sprays may only be purchased for self-defense from licensed firearms dealers or in some cases licensed ppepper sprayharmacists. Similarly, in the State of Massachusetts pepper spray may only be purchased from a licensed firearm dealer. Currently there is a bill in the Massachusetts Legislature to make it easier to purchase pepper spray. However, it is currently going nowhere even though many in the state would like the restrictions eased.  In Michigan, New Jersey, Wisconsin, California there are restrictions that range from the percentage of concentrate to the maximum volume in the container. New Jersey also restricts minors and felons from the possession of pepper spray.

Pepper Spray is legal within all 50 states under certain restrictions.

If you are unsure as to the rules and regulations imposed by your state the best course of action is contact your local Police Department. The local police department is usually very informative and helpful when it comes to understanding any restrictions you may face.

pepper spray reviews 2015Carrying pepper spray into a foreign country comes with its own risks. Even though it may be legal for adults to carry pepper spray in the United States other countries have a wide range of rules and regulations from legal to illegal. For example, Canada allows pepper spray if it is explicitly labeled for use against wild animals, however pepper spray used for self-defense is considered illegal. Pepper spray is legal to use and purchase in Mexico. If you choose not to carry pepper spray into Mexico you will most likely be able to find it available in pharmacies and in larger retail stores such as ComMex and Soriana’s. Wherever you plan on traveling take the time to research that individual countries current rules and regulations regarding the possession or use of pepper spray. Also, if you are traveling by air with pepper spray make sure not to include it with your carry-on bag. The TSA will confiscate pepper spray that is not part of your checked luggage.


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